The Consumer’s Got to Change the System


I want to bring attention to a article, “The Consumer’s Got to Change the System“, where Farmer Ben Burkett talks about racism and corporate control of agriculture.  I thought it was a great read.

“Some say the system is working. It appears to be working fine, but corporate agriculture is not sustainable. Our system of growing food is heavy, heavy, heavy dependent on petro-chemicals, on inorganic compounds, mostly petroleum-based. And then it takes too much control out of the local community. Now, it might last for several decades, but in the end it can’t last.”

I’ll be generating some original posts soon enough.  Keep with my as I finish my last semester of school, nurse yet another cold, and get used to my center of gravity changing.

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  1. “I’ve tried to find cotton that wasn’t treated, but I couldn’t. Now they’re working on controlling wheat and rice….Basically you’re just sharecropping for them, you’re leasing their seeds….Where did Monsanto and the other companies get their first seed from? Someone gave them to them. Those seeds didn’t fall out of the sky.”


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