Om-Nom Acres is a big dream coming into reality little by little. It is a place to grow food, make mistakes, learn about the earth, build community, get really dirty, and eat delicious meals.  We currently own a very old house on 2.3 acres in Southeastern Michigan. There are two marvelous caretakers, a toddler, two cats, a dog, and a flock of 17 chickens & ducks.


Dillon is the Om-Nom Acres baby-mama. She has a masters in social work with an emphasis on community organizing for food justice & security. Her days are spent off farm at a local natural parenting store selling cloth diapers and installing carseats with her toddler in-tow.  Her nights are spent toddler tending and reading every homesteading book she can get her hands on. She is a lover of oranges, cats, and intentional living.


Sammit is involved very little with the day-to-day operations of Om-Nom Acres though he has a hand in weeding and he certainly enjoys the benefits of fresh produce from the yard.  His nights are spent working long hours in the hospital and his days are spent…well, sleeping.  He enjoys all things geeky, cleaning chicken and turkey bones, and his wife, Dillon.


Molly is a part-time canine magician and diplomat to the deer population, encouraging them to entertain elsewhere. She has also been known to clean the kitchen floors, help load the dishwasher, and steal all the blankets.



Zim and Gandalf are really the backbone of this operation.  They shred important documents, keep the electronics warmed up for use, and are co-presidents of the local bird & bunny watching committee.  While Gandalf prefers quick trips outside and holding our sofa in place, Zim frequents the outdoors as a supervisor and sneaks away to continue his work as an anti-gravity engineer.

IMG_5737                IMG_5809

The flock provides us with more eggs that we can eat and plenty of slug and other pest control. We started with Muscovy ducks and later added Chickens (Isa Browns) and finally Cayuga ducks.

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