The internet can be kind of a shady place.  There are a few things that I would like to make clear to readers:

  1. I will never recommend something that I haven’t tried.  Period. I’m tired of reading the same articles that list solutions to problems or products you should buy or recipes that might be great that are all crap because no one took the time to do a little personal research.
  2. If I ever get a kick back from recommending something or from a reader buying/using something I will tell you ahead of time.  Seriously, transparency is a good thing
  3. I will give credit to original sources whenever possible (usually the image will link to them) or at the very least indicate that I am not the creator of media that is not mine.  An Artist is an artist and their work should never be stolen.  My goal is to inform you not impress you.  I never make my GIFs.
  4. I am not perfect.  I edit but I will make mistakes.  I trust you to be cool about it and I’m not opposed to a delicate note so that I can make adjustments.
  5. I will occasionally use foul language or talk about “inappropriate” things or social-worky things (sex, death, trauma, mental illness, poverty, injustice, X-isms, etc).  It comes with the package.  These things should be discussed openly and they all relate to each other and food somehow.
  6. I will post a lot of pictures.  I hate walls of text.  I need imagery to hold my attention.  It’ll probably be my dogs most of the time, so if you don’t think they’re cute, you’re wrong.
  7. If I ever have the pleasure of doing business with you, it will be honest and I want both of us to be happy.  If you’re not happy, let’s talk.

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