Om-Nom Acres is a developing permaculture homestead in Southeastern Michigan. It started with an initial 5-year plan in 2009 to never have to set foot in a grocery store again. While we’ve diverged from the five year plan quite a bit, working around a wedding, home/land purchase, and the birth of our daughter, we are still approaching our goal.

2013 – We bought an old home on 2.3 clay sloped acres. Since then we have added Muscovy & Cayuga ducks and chickens to our operation as well as the beginnings of a fruit orchard.

2015 –  We shifted gears from conventional farming/gardening in rows to an integrated food forest.

2016 –  We added another kid to the mix AND moved to a new site 2 miles from the original with a newer home with 10 acres – a woodlot, a vernal pond, and a hoophouse (which was promptly destroyed in a massive windstorm).

2017 – We went solar! We have a 21 panel ground mounted array to the south of our driveway. It is grid-tied and provides us with 8-9 Megawatt-hours of energy a year. We are happy to answer questions. We used a local installation company called Michigan Solar Solutions and were extremely happy working with them.

2018 – Our world stopped when Sammit was suddenly diagnosed with a rare head/neck cancer. We learned the importance of a supportive community on a level we had never anticipated.

2019 – We are recovering physically, spiritually, and financially. Sammit’s prognosis is good and each clear quarterly scan brings a broader sense of relief. We tend to one dog, two cats, one betta, two snails, five hens, and alotta earthworms. We will update as the future reveals itself to us.