Om-Nom Acres is a developing permaculture homestead in Southeastern Michigan. It started with an initial 5-year plan in 2009 to never have to set foot in a grocery store again. While we’ve diverged from the five year plan quite a bit, working around a wedding, home/land purchase, and the birth of our daughter, we are still approaching our goal.

In 2013 we bought an old home on 2.3 clay sloped acres. Since then we have added Muscovy & Cayuga ducks and chickens to our operation as well as the beginnings of a fruit orchard.

In 2015 we shifted gears from conventional farming/gardening in rows to an integrated food forest.

In 2016 we are planning for the arrival of our second child. We moved to a new site 2 miles from the original with a newer home and 10 acres (3 wooded). We are working with a local permaculture design firm to establish short and long term plans for regenerative work and food production!