Community Gardening Building Part 1



On Sunday I had my first community garden meeting for the Royal Oak Huntington Wood TimeBank.  It was very exciting!  17 of us met on the planned site, which is an additional side lot owned by a TimeBank member.  We discussed the short term and long term goals of the endeavor.

It looks like we’re heading in the direction of a large communal plot (rather than individual plots that are leased out to members) with several raised beds used for both food production for members and education.  The garden will have a sustainable and organic (with a little o) foundation and will act as a visual and physical place in the community to show what the TimeBank can do.

We’re still looking at zoning ordinances, though we have general approval from the city, and liability issues – but it’s moving forward.  If you’re in the Royal Oak or Huntington Woods areas and are interested in participating we are holding our second meeting this coming Sunday at 2PM.  Message me for details.

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