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It’s the end of the 2012 seed season and Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds is marking down some of their seeds by 50%!  Check out their sale stock; they have peppers galore and tomatoes galore!  I ordered some chamomile, lavender, Dakota black popcorn, and more for around a dollar per pack.

Make sure to use this Coupon Code for an additional 10% off (excluding shipping costs): LT10ENG2QJIUFS

Baker Creek Seed Sale & Coupon Code


If it interests you, check out the Midwest Organizer Bootcamp – it’s in Ann Arbor this year! (November 10-11).  I’ve already signed up and would love some familiar company.  Straight from their website:

Last year, students from 64 universities and colleges came together to sharpen our organizing skills and build a movement strong enough to fight the attack on students, workers, immigrants, and our democracy. Right now workers across the country are taking back power, from Chicago teachers to California Walmart warehouse workers, and it’s time for students to step up our game. While we face huge tuition hikes and frozen wages, our university administrators enjoy huge raises and corporations make record profits.

Join us, and together we’ll develop the skills we need to mobilize larger numbers of students, train new young organizers, and win campaigns for immigration justice, labor rights, education affordability and access, international solidarity, and more. Across all three regions of the US, we’ll spend two full days practicing one-on-one conversations to move our peers to action, swapping campaign skills, and learning from the recent student victories over tuition hikes, worker exploitation and corporate greed from New Jersey to Wisconsin to California.

Midwest Organizer Bootcamp – Ann Arbor, November 2012