June Garden Updates


The Good:

  • The garlic is doing great!  It’s almost shoulder high with beautiful scapes.
  • I have tall tomato plants and one huge green tomato on which I cannot wait to see some color.
  • The cucumbers have survived the dogs’ rearranging session and are starting to climb up the trellises.
  • Carrots, radishes, and beets are coming along nicely.
  • Our strawberry plants are establishing runners.

The Bad:

  • The corn is calf high, about 6 inches shorter than everyone else’s crop 😦
  • While I spent the weekend in Connecticut someone came through and ate the leaves off of all of my green and purple bean plants 😦
  • The squash is coming along but is moving much slower than I remembered.
  • My peppers are hit or miss – some are thriving, others are being eaten.
  • I never put my broccoli, cauliflower, or cabbage in the ground; I’ll try again for the fall.
  • Weeds and Violets have taken over the beds by the garage.
  • The dogs LOVE to climb into the beds and dig around in the loose soil.

Note: I added a harvest tally to the sidebar –>

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