July Garden Updates


The Good:

  • The garlic has been harvested and is curing.  It’s a respectable haul for my first year.
  • We harvested the first tomato – delicious! but nothing else has ripened.
  • We’ve eaten 2 flavorful cucumbers and 2 have been harvested and are waiting for friends.
  • I’ve harvested some basil, thyme, chives, and mint.
  • The corn has tassels!
  • The bean plants are recovering from the rabbit attack but may not ever recover fully.
  • Some winter squash has taken (after I took the initiative to pollinate).

The Bad:

  • The zucchini and summer squash will probably not produce this year – the plants are almost the same size they were when I transplanted in May 😦
  • My peppers are hit or miss – some are thriving, others are being eaten.

Note: I added a harvest tally to the sidebar –>

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